Use Your Title

For this weeks blog post I will be looking into he Use Your Title pattern. The context behind this one is that as a result of your dedication to learning, you’ve been hired or promoted into a position with a title containing the words senior, architect or lead. The problem that will arise from this is that the job title doesn’t actually match what you see in the mirror. When you introduce yourself into this new setting you feel as if you have to apologize or explain the difference between your skill level in your actual job description. A solution to this is that you shouldn’t allow the title to actually affect you. Its just a distraction that should be kept on the outskirts of your active conscious. Use the title only to gauge your organization not yourself. Don’t get fooled by a fancy title, your mother might think you deserve it but the impressive title and responsibilities mean your apprenticeship is over. They serve only to remind you that there is a shortage of craftsmen in the industry. While on the other side of this coin is an unimpressive title despite the fact that you may have surpassed your colleagues. The frustration that comes from a lack of recognition should remind you that the industry has a problem. Using this as a measurement of your own organization and fitting it rather than allowing the frustration to bog you down. Another variant that comes from this theme is the informal versus formal titles. For example you may have grown into a position of authority on your own team despite the formal title remaining. These informal titles can be hard to actually ignore, because they are constantly reinforced by peers and colleagues. These titles remain even if they conflict with your own self assessment, keeping with your mentors and kindred spirits will be critical to keeping you grounded in reality. The recommended action to all of this is simply write down a long and descriptive version of your job title. Making sure it accurately reflects what you really do at work and your skill level. This is again another pattern that I agree with and can see myself using in the future.


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