Sprint RetroSpective 5

This sprint was much more productive since last in my opinion. First throughout the sprint we kept running into simple errors. One error I had several times was my angular not being recognized for some reason but then a clean reinstallation fixed this. This happened to Harry just a few days ago which has been resolved. After the angular problems we had some connection issues to see the component on the local host site. James was the first one to run into this while me and Gulshan where on the other component branch fine. We were using another groups component “Tabs” for reference to see if our repositories were set. After a day or two issues were resolved. Just yesterday we ran into yet more problems on this issue, this time on our own Q-Form branch component. Firstly, Harry couldn’t see the Q-From branch or rather the deletion of the Questionnaire Form branch to the new formed Q-Form branch. Then James was having an error that I don’t even know what he did wrong. After that was resolved we finally got our component branch working. Now all we have to do is just add our stuff in and structure it how we want and we should be good. After this component we should have time to do more components if we do not run into similar errors.


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