Confront Your Ignorance

For this weeks blog pattern post I will be looking into the pattern known as confronting your ignorance. The context behind this one is that you have identified the gaps within your skillset that are thereby relevant in your everyday work. The problem that will arise from this is that the tools and techniques needed to master seem unobtainable as you don’t know where to begin. These may already be around you with people around you doing them but there is an expectation you already have this knowledge. The remedy to this that you should pick one skill, tool, or technique and seek to fill the gaps of your knowledge about it. Finding out the most effective ways that suit your style. For some the best approach involves getting an overview of introductory articles and FAQs. While others may find jumping straight into the construction of Breakable Toys the best approach to understanding something. Whichever approach works do not forget to ask around your Kindred Spirits and mentors to see if someone already has the skill and if they will be willing to share their knowledge. Others may be actively seeking this skill as well which can allow you both to work towards this goal. There aren’t enough hours in a day to hone all your skills to a high level, so making necessary trade offs between them is something that will have to happen. This pattern is closely related to Expose Your Ignorance, but implementing it is a less difficult task to your pride since it can be down privately. But eventually you may have to Expose your Ignorance as well, since learning in public will allow an apprentice to being their transition to a journeyman. Taking the list of items from Exposing your Ignorance and striving to learn each one, while crossing the completed off is a good place to start. This way you can see gaps you maybe hadn’t noticed before. This pattern is important to say the least, one that most people should honestly follow if they need to.


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