Final Retrospective

This will be the final sprint retrospective for our Capstone Project where I give a general reflection on what occurred this previous sprint. This previous sprint was perhaps the most extensive one we encountered. We completed the component and wrapped up our presentation for the class. On the component we figured out what to finish with and finish strong with it. Everything was stylized to what we thought right to be. Our buttons were working previously but the submit from the last sprint wasn’t. after much discussion on what we wanted and how to approach the situation we figured it out. For the button we used a service for it, James came up with this idea. We also found something of it on google after some searching that was perfect for what we needed. All in all the button/submit button wasn’t to hard of a task for our team to conquer. Finalizing the presentation was not something to difficult, we all had our sections to cover. In short this semester was my team was a good one, we got a good amount done and got more familiar with all the components used.


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