Sprint RetroSpective 4

This past sprint flew by in all honestly, seems like last week we just started. This sprint we accomplished a few goals we set out to do. Our main goal/issues to solve were the branching situation and what our exact task was. Next was setting up pull requests for our user stories correctly. Took us a little bit but I think we got it situated at the moment. With only some angular issues popping up here or there but nothing we couldn’t solve. Harry has set up a few wire frames over the past few weeks, even if they weren’t stuff we were working on giving a better idea on what we were working on. For the coming Sprint we are reaching the Endgame time period, where we are going to have to actually power through as a team and accomplish our goals. I have faith in my team, as when it comes to brass tacts we all can pull through. Essentially I am looking forward to once again setting forth with my team and accomplish our goals.


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