Sprint Review #1

For this first sprint we all communicated well when were in person, speaking what was wrong and then some. Everyone is vocal on and offline, except for me who sort of just lurks on slack due to my own procrastination which I will be fixing for my next sprint. Not much was really done with sprint as it was more of a trial and error-based sprint with trying to get our projects to start. First it was a server issue then it became an issue with the ng2 commands. I am still experiencing issues with my setup of the ng2 while everyone else has completed initial set up. At first, I was having an angular issue which a few people outside my group was having than it was a ncss-sass issue which is yet to be resolved at the time of writing this. My laptop is not the best and is all around a pain to use due to this I plan on getting a new laptop soon if not this week. In the meantime, I will try and resolve my issues on my desktop on home so any progress is not wasted on my old “laptop”. As I said above everyone started the day we were assigned are groups in class trying to get everything situated. From here the error we were all facing involved the etl server not working. After a week of plug and chugging along I believe Gulshan was the first one to complete the initial set up after he was faced with a windows x64 error. From here James and Harry fixed their errors with Kyle being next up. After I wrestled with an angular issue, laptop issue and such I am a step closer to completing the initial ng2 setup. As I am writing this I am trying to reinstall my node.js dependencies for the third time. After some research online for the node-sass error I was receiving there should be a gulp-sass line in the package. Son along with the other json files, in my case there was not. After trying some more commands in the prompt a python dependency error began to prompt. So I redownloaded chocolatey to get python through the PowerShell window but to no avail. Hopefully this will be fixed when my new laptop comes, or a new solution comes up. All in all from this sprint I learned that I need to get better to manage my time much better and not wait until the last minute. So from the future I will strive to be better at communicating and trying my hardest.


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