Apprenticeship Patterns Chapters 1-6

First of all from just the introduction chapter I like how everything is written, making it feel nice and easy to read without being overburdened by new things to newcomers but takes it slow. The beginning part where they provided an example of someone who decided it would be best if they were to reveal their ignorance on their programming language knowledge to their mentors was an interesting and relatable topic. This is something I agree with a lot, its harmful to not say anything in the face of your pride alone when you could speak up and face it head on.  Throughout the reading it seems to stress the ignorance of your own that could hinder your development. It also stresses the importance of finding a friend or someone you know who is knowledgeable in programming to help you. The reason for this is that if someone close to you gives you assistance the return rate of said assistance would be faster than that of someone who is not close to you, allowing maximum growth. I also like how the reading stresses craft over art or rather how programming is a craft rather than a fine art. The example they use is a perfect one, where a solution is already been proven and is readily available, but the customers problem offers you to do something unique or “fantastic” as they say. Essentially creating something new rather than going down the tested and true path. Honestly chapter three and four were pretty insightful into a mindset that is needed in the programming field, at least one where you become a better version of yourself. The idea of perpetual learning is something I agree with completely, the example they give right at the beginning of chapter five is a good one. Essentially becoming narrow-minded or solely focused on “low-level” details of what you only work on a day to day basis can be harmful for your growth. But by stepping out of these bounds and trying to “perpetually learn” things is something you should do as it can only be beneficial and not harmful to your growth. They give some examples on how to start this but of course the easiest way is to simply go online and look at the hundreds of readily available sites whether they be academic based sites, podcasts, YouTube videos or a blog from some high end developer and more. Chapter six was almost a reaffirmation of some of the ideas talked about in five with you constructing your own curriculum, something that goes hand and hand to perpetual learning. Again this is something I agree with a lot as having your own set curriculum whether it be reading a book related to your field, watching videos/podcasts or doing research and more these are all important to improve one’s self. All and all I thought this reading was pretty good and straight forward, a good almost pep talk to those who may not know what to do or how to improve your self in the field.


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