Good Methodology for user testing methods and boosting app development


For this weeks blog post I found an interesting blog that listed 6 user testing methods that may seem unusual to others. User testing is a very important part of any good software project, it reveals any bugs you may have skimmed over or glitches for that matter because of this you can make a cleaner product. Using a prototyping tool to user test with interactives wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes you will know exactly how users interact with your app before the real thing is even built. If you were to publish something, then change it later it’ll be much more expensive to change the finished product than a product. The site goes on to mention computer-based testing software but goes on to say human testing is much better considering you are making something for humans to consume/use. The first method they list is participatory design, this essentially is when end users are involved from the very early stages of the design process, working together with you or the design team to define the product you make. Instead of the you are imagining yourself in the shoes of the user, you put the user in the shoes of designers. The second testing method they list is something bit unusual, Drunk people. This may not be the best but what they list is a pretty interesting idea. The testing method involves you testing you own wireframes. Interactive prototypes such as wireframes and more are the way to go when it comes to testing, these prototypes will help you introduce user testing throughout the various stages of development helping you along the way. The next testing method they list is Triading, which is essentially you trying to get the user to compare and evaluate 3 different alternatives without you influencing them with your questioning. The 5th method they go on to explain involves the users creating their own user tests. Here they referenced a Ted talk by Luis Von Ahn describing massive scale online based collaboration. The final testing method they mention is product reaction cards which is almost as simple as it sounds. Essentially the user gets exposed to the piece of software then given cards with adjectives written on it where they are asked to describe the software using 3 – 5 of the cards. This is a super simple and helpful user based testing method that I like a lot actually. All in all this blog post was very interesting with all the simple user based testing methods anyone could conduct.


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