Sprint Retrospective 3


This past sprint not much has progressed since the last sprint in all honesty. Since the last sprint we were given a few new details onto what we are going to be doing exactly for this project. We discussed the matters as a team going into some of the files, we were originally given from the ngl-2 repo. As the sprint went on we talked about what are task should be. We had ideas of what we wanted to pick for our team role. But never really solidified our decision only verbally talking about what we wanted.  We know what needs to be done or rather what the final product should be looking like. So now we will begin to start actual work on the project it would seem. With each team working on different problems like setting up a mock server and so forth. In short not much has really changed since last sprint retrospective but I personally feel we are a step closer in the right direction than previously. I am looking forward to working on this project with my team as we get closer to an end product.


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