Breakable Toys

For this weeks blog post I will be looking into the Breakable Toy pattern. The context behind this pattern is that experience is built upon failure as much as if not more than success. This is something that most people will agree with that you cannot better yourself without failure or knowing your shortcomings. Say for example you are working in an environment that really does not permit failure yet failure is important to learn from your mistakes. This could cause you to play everything safe without being bold causing you to never truly get the most out of your job. By being bold, failing due to new tricks or the boldness can you grow into a better version of yourself when faced with difficult problems. In a way this pattern is very similar to Be the Worst, but that pattern is about finding a team where you can be the worst in order to grow. Breakable Toys is about creating opportunities to learn by going out of your comfort zone and single handedly building complete software projects. Using your favorite tools to build the worlds simplest wiki while still maintaining the highest standards of quality is an example that fits this situation well. The initial version will not be fancy in anyway but a simple user interface that lets you view and edit the plain text files. As the project moves along you can add more features and find new interesting ways to distinguish the project from the other pre existing thousands. Let your professional- interests guide you not the constrains of existing implementations. It does no0t matter what you decide to do in this project but as long as you are experimenting and learning from it you are growing as an individual. Back to the be your worst blog I wrote a few weeks back I completely agree with the breakable toy ideology. This is a very good mentality to have especially for your own growth one I would see myself using yet again.


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