Sprint 2 Retrospective

For this past sprint we didn’t really accomplish all the much since we had no work provided to us. One of the biggest accomplishments was getting the ngl serve and ampath login working for myself. Kyle was running into the same issue I was having and the problem was easily fixed thanks to him. All I had to was go down a version or two to npm version 8.12 somehow that worked while other fixes did not. After this we reviewed some angular and had a week of review essentially. Then yesterday we were given new tasks to complete from the project lead himself. Now we have a direction of what to do for this sprint given to us through several YouTube videos made by the project lead. Each video contains specific details on what we must accomplish/what is needed to essentially full the order. So in summary not much actually happened since the last sprint due to not having any new work given. Looking forward to working on this project in the coming weeks with my team where we will hopefully tackle each problem/objective well as we did for the initial problems.


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